Cocaine in Australia

Cocaine Price in Australia

Australian cryptomarket vendors sell a wide variety of drugs. These are disproportionately represents global terms for sales of ecstasy, opioids and, particularly, methamphetamine. More than a quarter of the world’s darknet methamphetamine trade (27.1%) and where to buy Cocaine Price in Australia may vary.

Market composition and price

Our analysis also focuses on the price of drugs that are on the darknet. Here we found large disparities between the prices of drugs sold by foreign-based cryptomarket vendors and those located in Australia. For example, average prices for ecstasy sold by Australian vendors were more than six times the price of those sold by their foreign counterparts. Methamphetamine and cocaine were approximately three times more expensive when purchased from an Australian cryptomarket vendor. Only cannabis prices are similarly, with prices from Australian and foreign vendors largely comparable.

These findings indicate that the prices of Australian darknet; drugs correlates more to local street prices than that of foreign vendors. Only methamphetamine was significantly cheaper when purchased from an Australian cryptomarket vendor. This is compared to a local street dealer, with prices approximately 45% lower when sourced online.

Where to buy Cocaine in Australia

Explaining why methamphetamine is so much cheaper when sourced via a local cryptomarket vendor as opposed to a street dealer will require further research. However, given recent law enforcement crackdowns on the methamphetamine trade, and the involvement of violent organised crime groups in methamphetamine distribution, it is possible that people selling methamphetamine find it less risky and costly to sell these drugs anonymously online rather than via conventional means. Where to buy Cocaine in Australia cities.

The composition of the Australian darknet drugs trade mirrors some aspects of the conventional illicit drugs trade. For example, cannabis was the most popularly traded drug by domestic cryptomarket vendors, accounting for 25% of all transactions. Follows by prescription drugs (20%), ecstasy (16%), psychedelics such as magic mushrooms and LSD (12%), methamphetamine (12%) and cocaine (8%). Opioids such as heroin accounted for only 3% of all transactions undertaken by Australian cryptomarket vendors.


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